Hoyt Hughes Band

The Hoyt Hughes Band is releasing a new single and video of their latest recording "Stomp On. This is a song that is exemplary of the band's musical heritage, a rowdy rockin' country southern anthem to partying and having a good time at all times¦ Hoyt and the band have been delivering their own brand of country mixed with southern rock all over clubs in the south and this new song is the perfect vehicle to showcase what their music is all about. Produced by music industry veteran Ray Barnette, the synergy between Ray, Hoyt, and the band in the studio is amazing and the resulting recording is truly magic.

Meet The Band
Hoyt Hughes: (vocals/rhythm guitar) Fusing deep rooted country music, rowdy legendary lyrics with rocking contemporary tunes, this award-winning artist/band from Lakeland, Florida is cutting through the crowd of hopefuls with their smokin' live sets. Featuring the awesome talents of his amazing band, Hoyt's powerful traditional country voice is the perfect instrument to blend with this southern rockin' band to create a rowdy ˜downhome' country music set that is as good as it gets.

Dennis Hoag: (lead guitar) From East DuBuque, one of the hottest guitarist in the south. Dennis a long history of working in bands and all this experience has honed his craft to make him a rocking lead guitarists. His tone and style accents and blends with Hoyt's voice perfectly to form the Hoyt Hughes Band signature sound.

Todd Schultz: (Drums) The rock solid beat and powerhouse of the rhythm section for the Hoyt Hughes Band, Todd is no stranger to live performing. He began playing in bands in high school and won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Band award for best player while still in high school. He is the backbone of the HHB rhythm section and the powerful driving force behind their amazing live sets.

Donald Farr (Bass) Donald began playing piano in the first grade and switched to guitar after the Beatles performance on Ed Sullivan. He switched to Bass though out his high school years but took a musical hiatus for many years after that. His teenage son revived his interest in music and he has played in several bands since encompassing many styles including blues, country, classic rock, folk, and contemporary gospel. All these styles blend together giving Donald continually inventive melodic bass lines and make him an essential part of the Hoyt Hughes Band rhythm section.

Jesse Silva : (lead guitar) Jesse Silva originally hails from Boston Massachusetts.Playing in bands throughout the East Coast, Jesse would eventually find a home in one of New England's most popular showbands, and performed the casinos and special events for nearly a decade which included a long run at BB Kings in Connecticut
In 2007,  sponsored an international organization, Jesse and his bandmates embarked on a tour of Baghdad, Iraq, playing for US and coalition troops, Iraqi staff and the diplomatic staff of The United States Embassy.
Since relocating to Florida in 2010, Jesse has continued to refine his craft in bands along the Gulf Coast and Central FL and is now happy to add his signature style of lead and rhythm playing to the Hoyt Hughes Band.

Michael King: (Bass and guitar) Born and raised in Lakeland, FL Michael began playing music in the third grade.
He got his first electric guitar in middle school. While in high school,his friends were learning covers, Michael focused on writing his own riffs and songs. A music major in college he began a bass playing career. While on a music symposium trip with the college music department, there was a Bluegrass / Country jam in a parking lot, which he
watched for a solid 4 hours in amazement wondering how they were doing what they were doing.
Thats when the Country spark was ignited. In some groups Michael plays bass, in others guitar and in some,

  "Sometimes when we see and feel the crowd connect with the band at a live show It makes us recognize that we are a part of something that is much bigger than just the band members, It's this synergistic energy we get back from the audience that drives us to take the stage. HHB